The Original "Unique Antiques & Collectibles"

                                                                           AUTHOR MICHELLE REID

                                                                                       (pictured below)

                                                                   FROM CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES

                                                                      IS THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOKS,

                                                HAUNTED ANTIQUES: A HAUNTED ESTATE: THE VORTEX

                                               HAUNTED ANTIQUES: A HAUNTED ESTATE PART 2: THE MAGIC BOX

                                              THE CONSPIRACY: AN ATTEMPT AT A NEW WORLD ORDER


                                                 THE CHOSEN ONES: THE CONSPIRACY: CRIME IN PLAIN SIGHT

                                                                     (not the UK Michelle Reid- romance novelist!)

                                                                                         Coldplay, "In My Place"


                                                                                      click on pic below for video

                                           That video reminds me of a rainy Spring Day looking out your window
                                                                     Hedley "For The Nights I Can't Remember"

                                                                           Still a favorite song also

                                                                       Click on pic below for video