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January 1st, 2023

Happy New Year!

October 7th, 2021

The latest question asked on my Goodreads page and my response...

What mystery in your own life could be a plot for a book?

My answer:

Both my books, "The Conspiracy: An Attempt At A New World Order," and part 2 "The Chosen Ones: The Conspiracy: Crime In Plain Sight," are autobiographical books. They are written about my life and the crime and conspiracy surrounding me and those placed into my life. I had to change the name of places, people, and other such things like that, due to legal reasons.

What is still a mystery to me is who originated and orchestrated these religious hate crimes and the other crimes against me since a very young age. The handler, the head, and the playbook, is basically what I would love to know about and then write another book on all that also.

I'm hoping with a full investigation, these answers will come to light and then I will have some justice and closure for the events that have occurred in my life.

So that is the mystery and plot still to unfold in my life that I want to write about.

NB addition:

But I have a nagging feeling, that I can't seem to shake, that something is still being covered up and hidden from within, being hidden by officials, maybe even by investigators...that is the reason it has not come out yet and justice has not been served...something is not quite right...I hope I am wrong!


September 4th, 2021


Haunted Antiques: A Haunted Estate Part 2: The Magic Box

A Fall & Halloween must read with Witches, Genies & Portals...

A haunted house with ghosts, demons, the supernatural and paranormal occurring, and now, she befriends a coven of witches and has a genie for a boyfriend.

Come join Margaret as she opens the ‘Magic Box’ and a whole new world of adventure awaits her.

This novel picks up from the end of part 1 when Margaret’s boyfriend, Clarke, is hurt in a horrific accident caused by her haunted house.

But things take an unexpected turn when she interacts with the ‘Magic Box,’ found in the attic, makes a wish, and it is granted.

Now her new prince charming is a Genie who grants her every desire regardless of the consequences.

And to add to the mounting chaos and tragedy unfolding in her life, her psychic introduces her to a coven of witches, and she finds herself amidst new problems and horrors.

A Genie, human, love story for the ages.

Would you want a Magic Box?

Read Margaret’s adventure to see.

October 1st 2021

Just like when first publish, my book that outlines all the crimes by this organization and its helpers, much of which has already come to light, has been under attack and trying to BLOCK ITS PUBLICATION, AGAIN, BY AMAZON. All the crimes by Facebook, Youtube, Ebay and other major companies in the crimes that enabled the 1/6 insurrection, Qaanon, Militia, the 3 percenters and other hate groups and their involvement in these crimes. See book webpage for, "The Chosen Ones: The Conspiracy: CRIME IN PLAIN SIGHT" By Michelle Reid...they are trying hard to hide their crimes and obstruct justice...

and only available on Amazon as an Ebook right now because they are trying to remove it to hide these crimes, see

Get it before it gets removed completely by Amazon in the next few days, as they are trying to do...

My First Blog Entry

Welcome to Unique Antiques & Collectibles of Southern California!

The original home of rare, unique, unusual, one-of-a-kind, macabre, and haunted, antique, vintage and collectible items.


A tell-all site documenting the constant stalking, harassing, assaults and other crimes I have been a victim of...and the pursuit of justice.


Hoping it will return to original intent when justice has been served.