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Most people know what a Targeted Individual (“TI”) is, but I will define a TI, before I define Gang Stalker. A Targeted Individual is a person being anonymously harassed by an organized crime group because the organized crime group wants something from the individual.

Now, a Gang Stalker can be defined as: A targeted individual that has been broken down, corrupted, and conditioned to respond to RF signals to perform various criminal tasks for the organized crime group.

Gang Stalkers start out as targeted individuals who are harassed in numerous ways, until they give in to the “Modern Mob,” the term I use for the organized crime group carrying out these assaults. Gang Stalkers are broken down and trained in the following ways:

1. Gang Stalking: This is used on gang stalkers in training. At first, to break them down and get them to comply, and then it’s used to train them by showing them what to do to others when they become gang stalkers.

2. Pyschological terror: RF weaponry, like the microwave auditory effect a/k/a the Frey Effect, is used to constantly badger the individual, insult him, keep him sleep deprived, keep him from thinking, keep him terrorized, and keep him dependent on the mobsters hitting him with RF weaponry. It is exactly what destructive cults, like the “Moonies” do to their trainees to brainwash them, but RF weaponry is now used. These techniques are used to make the individual obedient to the modern mob.

3. Pavlovian conditioning: Gang Stalkers are put through endless drills to condition them to respond to orders automatically. They are conditioned in these drills, by creating positive feelings with the RF weaponry when they do something right, and negative feelings with the RF weaponry when they mess up in a drill.

Once a Gang Stalker has been sufficiently trained, then the Modern Mob can start using him or her when needed, on demand, to harass others and perform various criminal tasks.

Here are some major ways the Modern Mob communicates with its Gang Stalkers:

1. RF Weaponry: RF weaponry can be used to direct the Gang Stalker’s attention to cues in the environment meant to convey a message, it can be used to direct his or her attention to electronic messages, and it can be used to direct his or her attention to the intended target as well. The Frey Effect can also be used to convey a message directly, but it is not very efficient for lengthy sentences.

2. Cues in the Environment: The Gang Stalkers are trained to respond to and interpret cues in the environment in certain ways. Their attention is directed to these cues through RF weaponry. For example, the color yellow means hurry, the color blue means go, orange means toughen up and get with the program, the color silver means go forward, red means stop, the color black means don’t go forward, the color white means the coast is clear.

A nose means “no,” a right angle or right foot means “yes.” A fire alarm or sprinkler means an emergency response is need. A jet sound or a tree leaf, means get out of your current environment.

The list can go on endlessly, and the drills are repeated ad infinitum over months, if not years, to instill the proper responses in the Gang Stalkers.

3. Electronic Cues: A major RF cue given to Gang Stalkers is to check their cell phones, and to specifically check the open WiFi hotspot list.

The organized crime group puts remote access software on all Gang Stalkers phones.

This allows them to create fake WiFi SSIDs on the gang stalkers phones to convey messages.

Why do they do this? Because when you create a fake SSID, it conveys a message that leaves no record or trace, and can be changed or removed instantly without raising suspicion -- in case the gang stalker’s phone falls into the wrong hands.

An example a WiFi network placed into the Gang Stalkers phone, to convey a message, might be Orange_Jacket_911_API. The gang stalker would be trained to know that this means: run in and follow, or say something to, a target in an orange jacket.

Once the Gang Stalker been properly broken down, brain washed, and conditioned to automatically respond to orders sent out by the modern mob, they have him perform a number of tasks on the Mob’s behalf.

If the individual has a legitimate position in society, in which the mob might find it useful to have him, then the gang stalker will continue life in that position. 

The modern mob has many uses for doctors, dentists, police officers, judges, politicians, and lawyers, which will be discussed in future articles, and all of the aforementioned people can be conditioned like gang stalkers to respond to the Mob’s cues.

However, the modern mob often does not let a targeted individual, turned gang stalker, return to his normal life, at least for a few years. These unlucky individuals are employed in number of tasks to help the mob recruit others, subjugate others, and extort money.

These major tasks include:

1. Harassment / Gangstalking: Many times the gang stalker will be called upon to follow, or say something random to an individual, to harass them or help the mob instill fear in them, as part of their larger and continuous extortion/subjugation campaign.

99% of the time, the gang stalker does not know who the target it is, why they are being targeted, and never finds out. That’s why I prefer the term “Temporary Automaton” or TA for gang stalkers, -- the vast majority were coerced into doing this against their will.

2. Extortion: A major task of gang stalkers is to convey over and over to business owners, in sly clever ways, how much extortion money they owe the Modern Mob.

For example, if a store owner is being extorted for $3,000, then countless gang stalkers will enter the business and buy three of an unusual item, ask for three business cards, wear a jersey with the number three, or carry three bags with them.

This can go on for months, and the clever means of execution are endless.

3. Theft of keys: There’s even a key Icon on most TMobile phones and Intel PCs, where the gangstalkers attention is focused by RF cues time and time again.

The modern mob likes to supplement its anonymous harassment and RF weaponry assaults with the ability to break into the targeted victim’s home.

This allows the mob to instill an extra sense of terror in their targets in order to bend them to their will. Most often times a gang stalker will simply be directed to steal small items, like deodorant, from a targets car or home to just send a message of terror, to break them down, and make them sound crazy if they report it as stolen.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the Modern Mob, and the system they have in place to keep and spread their power.

Some speculate so called gang stalkers are surveillance role players working for intelligence contractors. They use tradecraft terminology and methods. So a target will be called a rabbit. Google classified adds for surveillance role players.


***NOTE: ABOVE IS JUST SOME OF THE INNER WORKINGS OF THESE CRIMINAL SLIME*** Information found online on one of their sites