"THE" Unique Antiques & Collectibles - Company Message

There are substantial funds to potentially award to honest people who are willing to reveal information about the following :

Incriminating Audio-Video Footage (cell phone?) of an authority figure discussing material related to the surveillance of citizens.

Documents or Data involving surveillance or harassment of citizens.

The identity or location of any person, company, agency or entity that plays a role in Signals Intelligence, Electronic Harassment or Directed Energy Weapon usage against citizens.

Information about citizens working with government authorities in Community Policing or Homeland Security.

Information about the most current Hi-tech Surveillance equipment being used by authorities.

Information about citizen Watchlists or Blacklists.

The identity or location of any person, company, agency or entity that employs Surveillance Role Players.

If your information bears fruit, believe me, I am going to reward you commensurately. The payment can be discussed through our encrypted email communications. I am open to money orders, wiring, Bitcoins, and even cash transactions.

If you are someone who is involved in these campaigns and you want to "do the right thing," I will provide you with a just reward. Please, contact me.

Please, do not send information with the expectation that you are automatically owed money. If you have valuable information, give me a general ideal of what you have to offer and we can move from that point, forward.

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