The Original "Unique Antiques & Collectibles" - Company Message

Let Justice take it's course
in prosecuting the Crazy, Obsessed, Hateful
People and the Companies,
that assisted in the
Stalking, Harassment,
Sabotage. Assaults
Warfare CRIMES done to me.
(for me and many others they do this to)

Let Justice Reign!

Below another real photo of one of my Stalkers
taken while trying to still drive during the attack...
the male stalker, seen in the photo, kind of a side profile with a mustache & goatee,
sunglasses, Scandinavian features, attempted to assault me with his car
-hit me with his car by tailgating
then trying to side swipe me-
this assault and stalking incidence
occurred after picking up my son from
the high school in Newbury Park, CA
around April/May 2019
One of many assault attempts, with a deadly weapon,
and stalking/harassing by this crime organization.

More recently, late Dec 2019,
a lady continued to hit my car,
side swipe me
on the California 101 Freeway
almost causing me to hit into the center stone divider of the highway
and then tried to get away but I
followed her and got her plate information
and car photos
before she could exist the 101 freeway.

(I have photos of above male assailant's car
and plates also)

These attempted assault
with a deadly weapon crimes
must see justice
and I have photos, plates
of these two above assailants
and one other car assault
from 2018 in Newbury Park, CA
parking lot...

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