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Passed or Deceased Celebrity Reading1-Prince & Vanity


Deceased Celebrity Readings
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Passed or Deceased Celebrity Reading1-Prince & Vanity

I decided to, respectfully, do a blog with messages from passed on Celebrities.

These are Celebrities that because I liked them in life, was a fan, I was thinking of them, was affected by their death, or maybe saw a show on their death & life, and then while in 'their vibration'; I would receive messages, and/or mental images from them, or other information they wanted me to share.
I will update, and add to this blog as new information come from them and/or new Celebrities come through.
I did not want to make it a profit thing, so I thought, as a free Blog, would be the best way to just give any messages they want given out to all of us.
Sincerely, NBW

I will start with one of my all time favorite artist, Prince, whom, I love just as much in death as when he was alive and had the wonderful pleasure of seeing him in concert and then at a quaint venue, thereafter, in the the early 2000's.
I know the night before his announced death, I dreamt a celebrity died (like I also dreamt when Princess Diana Died in 1997) and I saw demons dancing around this person's bed before taking them...the same dream I had when Vanity died a couple of months earlier. Even though Vanity or Denise Matthews had turned to religion in her latter days, I knew the dream was showing that she died from the effects of or demons before her transformation.

(And a side note, I remember a few months before Vanity died, I always loved her as a Prince protege and mainly the song, 'Nasty Girl', but something compelled me to comb thru YouTube Videos and I kept watching her videos and interviews from back then, and absorbing her pain and emotions, and her transformation to religion all of a sudden, something I had never really paid much attention to before this...seeing her hyper, kind of weird, longing for peace, explaining her new life, to Joan Rivers in an interview...and I couldn't explain why I kept coming back to those days; I could feel her deep childhood pain, and then her transformation...then she died...and then, I knew why!)

With Prince, I knew that he, and Vanity, did drugs and various illicit sexual stuff while together, and during that time period, but like many people, I thought Prince had cleaned up his drug and highly wild sexual sex life, and was more of a Spiritual Health Fanatic, so this dream was shocking to me.
But with the various reports that came out shortly after his death, and his later autopsy, my dream of his death made a lot more sense.

Prince comes forth to me now very wonderfully at peace, and unlike earlier when I saw him after he passed, he is now always covered in a beautiful blue or Indigo(but more bluish indigo) Aura color.
This color is not around him but is him, it is literally like seeing his face with an blue indigo screen in front of him now, this is his Spiritual color.

He does convey that he was extremely lonely in life, and that even though he knew many friends, and family, loved him, and millions of fans loved him, it wasn't enough.
It was a deep, internal loneliness, and a knowing that he had done everything he had come to do here, and he needed to go.
He so badly longed for a deeper Spiritual connection, and when he had that first near death experience, the week prior to his death, he kind of longed for that wonderful place where he had gone.
He prayed over it, prayed for forgiveness, for whatever would happen because he was in a lot of mental and physical pain down on earth; mostly revolving around his loneliness.
Compounding this was a bit of guilt for Vanity's untimely death due to health problems caused from their time together so many years earlier, she had always been his true love; they have a wonderful friendship and love for each other once again.
When Denise Matthews aka Vanity steps forth, she comes thru with a pink, pinkish-white Aura, she is sooo happy, sooo giddy, laughing, looking healthy and young.
They both seem very free, and happy to be there and growing Spiritually. When I ask Prince, if he has any regrets at going so early... He conveys that "only because he knows people miss him but for him he had done all he was meant to do, he longed for a deeper Spiritual evolution, and as we all know, life is tougher down here than up there even with all my riches, earth life is tough. I knew I would see my family and friends again soon enough, and there really wasn't anything more for me to accomplish; I was lonely, sad, and depressed and there was not anything, anyone, could have done to fix me...I needed to evolve period. It was my time!"

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